How to Fall Asleep Fast Every Night

I used to wake up feeling more sluggish than well-rested. Though on average I would clock in six hours of sleep, on busy days a lot less, sometimes just under 4 hours and I’d catch a nap on the train on the way to work. I didn’t think it was a big deal, I was too busy at work to notice how out of whack my sleep patterns were. I just didn’t know how to fall asleep fast.

Even though it was obvious to my peers, I was like a walking zombie, half awake at times, shambling through the work day struggling to stay awake while at night I thrash about on my bed trying to fall sleep. Or get any sleep at all. I’m tired but I can’t sleep on most days – was my usual dilemma.

So I asked myself – am I getting enough restful sleep?

You see it’s not how long you sleep that matters, but the quality of sleep you get. The key to getting better sleep is to complete one or more sleep cycles – uninterrupted.

What is a Sleep Cycle?

One sleep cycle spans an average of 90 minutes with phases involving normal sleep, deep sleep where we dream, and the tail end which is a short normal sleep phase that helps us transcend into our waking state. So if you complete a sleep cycle without interruption, this will lead to restful sleep.

Interrupted sleep patterns, on the other hand, can have a negative effect on your mood and ability to function the next day. It can be caused by external factors such as light, noise, tummy ache, or a full bladder.

Over the years, the more I read about sleep cycles, the more I learned how sleep deprived I was. I also learned I was struggling severely with insomnia. Plus the fact that my snoring problems and my heartburn was interrupting my sleep didn’t help matters.

What is Insomnia?

InsomniaInsomnia is the inability have adequate, restful sleep. I used to envy people who just close their eyes and then doze off to sleep within seconds. They sleep like babies and wake up like gladiators ready for the next work day.

And I was far from being a legit gladiator, so slowly I took steps to ease out my insomnia problems. I had to take steps to break my chronic insomnia and guess what, they worked.

So if these tips for falling asleep fast worked for me, it might just work for you, too!

Techniques to Help You Fall Asleep

Here are some tips on how to fall asleep fast:

1. Exercise is key. Exercise improves sleep by reducing stress. Sweating it out for an hour a day or simply being active produces better sleep at night.

2. Establish (and stick to) a bedtime routine. Much like when you were kids, you know once you put on your pajamas and your parents are reading you a story, you definitely know it’s time to sleep. Keeping a regular sleep schedule will help your body get attuned to your bedtime markers.

3. Ditch the caffeine. Soda, coffee and power drinks with caffeine will keep you awake all night. So does drinking a lot of water before bedtime. That’s because going to sleep with a full bladder will only end in endless bathroom breaks. (But a word of caution though, your frequent need to pee might also be a sign of diabetes which is also known to cause insomnia.)

4. Power naps. Nothing like a good old siesta after a full meal in the afternoon, but one should avoid taking long naps as this will keep you awake at night. You can however indulge in short power naps during the day. The ideal power nap should be around the 15-20-30 minute durations.

5. Make your sleep surroundings conducive as possible. Reserve the bedroom for sleep and intimacy. Make sure the overall mood in your room is relaxing. Lessen night-wakings by placing heavy drapes over your windows to keep out the noise and the light.

6. Check your room temperature. When we sleep our body temperature drops while you snooze. People drift to sleep easily when the hands and feet are warmer than the rest of the body. Try wearing bedtime socks or use a warm blanket.

7. Consider sleep aids. There are over-the-counter options out there that can help you ease into a relaxing sleep at night. Sleep aids can also help you transition those lifestyle changes and bedtime routines to further treat your insomnia.

I was so frustrated back when my chronic insomnia was getting the best of me, so let me ask you, if there was a way on how to make yourself fall asleep in 40 seconds flat, wouldn’t you try it?

So what natural sleep aids can I try, you ask?

I tried Alteril because I like natural sleep aids better since there‘s no risk of dependency. Alteril contains the sleep hormone Melatonin and the amino acid L-tryptophan both of which are naturally produced by the human body.

MelatoninMelatonin is a wake-and-sleep cycle regulator and L-tryptophan, on the other hand, brings the onset of sleep by increasing the levels of the serotonin, a neurotransmitter that promotes relaxation. Alteril also has natural bio extracts from Valerian root that is known to induce sleep.

I’m very particular when it comes to medications, so when I first tried Alteril I felt my overactive mind slowly shut down and I fell asleep within a few minutes. Or it was even a few seconds?

So I decided to go through a trial period with Alteril until I felt it was really regulating my sleep patterns. I was waking up less at night and my mornings were a lot better.

What more can I say to other fellow insomniacs who are looking for ways on how to fall asleep fast? I tried it, and Alteril worked for me. Nowadays, I feel great every time I wake up in the morning. Amazing enough to go for an early walk to see the sunrise or have breakfast with my family.

If you have trouble falling asleep, try some of the tips I’ve mentioned here. Or you can take the fast and easy way – and that is by taking Alteril!